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Welcome to the Statistics Action Home Page:
Real-Time Online Activities for Statistics

Real Time Online Hands-on Activities

An online database that hosts the data collected from in-class hands-on activities conducted by students.

If your answer to any of the following questions is “YES”, then, this Real-Time Online Database should be beneficial to your class.

  • Do you use hands-on activities in your class?

  • Would you like to share your hands-on activities?

  • Would you be interested in using data collected by students from classes in different institutions?

  • Would you be interested in sharing your students’ data with others?


This Real-Time Online Database is the result from a NSF/CCLI project under the grant #0310932.  The goal of the project is to adapt, implement and evaluate an Activity-Based, Cooperative learning and Technology (ACT) curriculum in  statistics courses for non-majors and prospective K-12 teachers The guiding principles are:

  • People learn better by constructing knowledge themselves through guided processes.

  • Practice and feedback are essential ingredients for understanding new concepts.

  • Active problem-solving through teamwork promotes active learning.

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